Rachael Cannon

Rachael Cannon

A warm welcome to you. I’m Rachael, a Relational Integrative Counsellor offering short and long-term counselling to adults in Central Bath. BACP registered with 17 years experience, I am also a qualified online Counsellor and work with clients throughout the UK and beyond.

Working alongside you, my intention is to create a relaxed and reflective space within which you can feel safe, supported and heard. Compassion, curiosity and mindfulness sit at the heart of my approach, so I will be interested to hear about your world, your relationships and how they have shaped you and your life.

Through our conversations, we will spend our time to uncover what is important to you. With a view to using such insights and clarity to redirect your life in a more meaningful, purposeful and authentic way.

You may be wondering whether meeting with a Counsellor is for you. So let me reassure you, there are many reasons why someone may wish to work with a Counsellor and they are all valid.

Here are some examples for why you may wish to contact me today:

  • Life is feeling overwhelming and you don’t know why, or perhaps you do know why but don’t know what to do next, so speaking with someone who is objective seems a good starting point
  • You feel unfulfilled, unhappy, sad, depressed, anxious, angry, exhausted, stressed, burnt-out and would like to reach out for some support during this time
  • You may be experiencing relationship issues, whether it be at home, in the family, at work or socially and believe it’s the right time to explore these further
  • You may have experienced change or loss, perhaps due to bereavement, redundancy, retirement, relocation or a new health diagnosis and want to understand the impact and how you can move forward
  • You find yourself questioning who you are and what you want in life, you might feel disconnected or lacking purpose and want to identify ways to get ‘back on track’
  • Or perhaps you find yourself repeating old patterns that no longer work for you and would like to introduce new ways of responding

Essentially, counselling can help with these and many other life events. From personal and professional experience, speaking with a trained professional can…

  • facilitate personal understanding and growth
  • help you feel more attuned to your core values and beliefs
  • promote a sense of purpose
  • enhance decision making, wellbeing and life satisfaction

If what I have written resonates with you in any way, then please get in touch using the contact details below so we can arrange a telephone call or an initial consultation.

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